We provide professional services in the following areas:


A.    Act as liaison with all service providers

B.    Run “interference” between the Board and owners.  We will place ourselves in a position to be able to adequately address owner concerns

C.    Take complaints and see through to resolution

D.    Prepare for and attend meetings

E.    Prepare meeting package for Board meetings and distribute electronically to save reproduction costs.

F.    Attend and handle all necessary forms and notifications of the Annual Meeting


A.    Collect assessments and deposit into the appropriate bank account

B.    Filing of liens

C.    Maintain separate accounting for each owner

D.    Pay all financial obligations in a timely manner

E.    Establishing and funding reserve accounts

F.    Prepare a preliminary budget for Board consideration

G.   Provide financial statement no later than the 20th of each month


At the direction of the Board of Directors, we will assume the responsibility of reviewing maintenance contracts and overseeing the smooth operation of the “physical plant.”  This includes regular visits to the property to inspect for the quality of service being received from your service providers. 

A.    Cause the buildings, appurtenances and grounds of said property to be maintained according to standards acceptable to Association

B.    Inspections of the community and grounds for general upkeep and maintenance

C.    Receive and handle all resident’s request and/or complaints daily at the office

D.    Assist the Board in maintaining adequate and proper insurances

E.    Supervision of all work performed by vendors

F.     Inform the Board of Directors of new procedures and techniques that could be of benefit to Association

G.    Inform the Board of Directors of laws, rules and legal precedents that affect Association

H.    Have a representative at regular meetings